Who we are and what we do

We promote active citizenship, push the boundaries.


The Association ECHO was founded with the aim of promoting the idea of ​​active involvement of citizens in the life of the community.
​Our work is aimed at promoting democracy, human rights, non-discrimination, gender equality and the fight against social inequalities, poverty and exclusion and all forms of violence.

Active citizenship represents the inclusion of citizens in their local communities and the promotion of democracy at all levels. These are all the steps we take together to improve our community and society – be they small – street, park, garden improvement actions or big – educating children and young people about democratic values, skills and participation in society or developing programs and strategies for the purpose of employment marginalized groups.

We promote active citizenship, push the boundaries!

Equality, without violence.


Activities of the association

– Cooperation with other associations, competent state bodies, and other legal and natural persons in the country and abroad,
– Promoting non-violent resolution of conflicts among young people and children and developing the ability to solve problems non-violently by participating in various cultural and social activities,
– Organization of round tables, seminars, events, forums, lectures and screenings for children and young people,
– Organization and implementation of education, training, workshops and lectures that will be conducted by members of the Association and transfer of knowledge gained through many years of work and experience in the areas of activity of the association,
– Organizing trainings and introducing members of the Association and all interested citizens about civil society,
– Issuing publications (brochures, leaflets, posters, books, etc.) in the area of ​​the Association’s activities,
– Creation and implementation of various projects in the sphere of civil society with an emphasis on topics related to the goals of the association,
– Production of media campaigns
– Provision of media services and electronic publications
– Organization and implementation of education in the field of media and film literacy
– Encouraging dialogue and contributing to the disappearance of prejudices, stereotypes, ignorance, intolerance and discrimination through participation in civil society among young people, children, people with disabilities, deaf and deaf-mute people, people with metal damage and members of national minorities,
– Promotion and development of volunteerism by encouraging the participation of children, young people and adults through various volunteer activities, and promoting volunteerism through education and promotional campaigns,
– Development cooperation and making international friendships for the purpose of protecting and promoting human rights,
– Organizing domestic and international scientific and scientific gatherings, schools, congresses and seminars,
– Non-institutional upbringing and education for the protection and promotion of human rights of all groups of people regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality and any form of discrimination in the area of ​​human rights protection,
– Involvement, help and support, but also information, counseling, education, various forms of prevention, playrooms, workshops, clubs for socially disadvantaged groups,
– Organizing adventure, sports, cultural/artistic and other projects, meetings and tournaments
initiating and organizing humanitarian actions



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